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It’s so funny that we don’t get it

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Jack The Insider was very harsh on the Australian team in his blog for The Australian after India won the Mohali Test quite convincingly. He used his satirical style to drub the performance of the Aussies. It was the Indians though who got angry in the comments to the post, and no amount of explanation could prevent another one from getting duped. Some of us just don’t get it.

“It’s hardly an even contest. The Australian XI is up against 1.3 billion Indians. Even counting Australia’s vast coaching staff, Ponting and the lads are heavily outnumbered. They have entered a world of doctored tracks, dodgy food and questionable tactics.

At the Punjab Cricket Association Stadium in Mohali, curator Daljit Singh prepared a track which unfairly tipped the scales in India’s favour from the outset. When the Indians had the pads on it was a docile batsmen’s paradise, but as Hayden and Katich strolled to the middle, the track suddenly turned into a Gabba green top and a vicious, spitting, spinning Old Trafford deck all at once, before calming down again when the Indian batsmen returned to the crease.

Add to that the fact that the Indians have mastered the dark art of reverse swing. The Indians get the ball reversing around the 15 over mark. Just as the conventional swing from the new ball stops, the ball starts reversing around like mad.

It’s hardly fair, given that the Australians shun these crude tactics. When Australia is in the field the only time you see the ball move off the straight is during its gentle, curving trajectory over the boundary rope. On the umpires in this series thus far, I will say nothing except where is Steve Bucknor when you need him?”

That’s a part of the piece that you can read by following the link. I am just presenting a few comments. There are about 13 pages of comments and till the last page you have someone or the other taking the bait; hook, line and sinker.


Krish: I’ve got to say that this article was completely one-sided, written by a digruntled and disillusioned Australian fan, I can understand how much it’s going to hurt the pride of the Australian cricket supporter, after all this is Australia’s national game, but what intrigues me and in fact annoys me the most is the fact that the writer has baselessly commented on the track saying it’s doctored, how on earth can you say that? Before writing such judgmental statements is it not important to know what one is writing, just because Australia couldn’t take 20 wickets , it’s a doctored pitch, if Australia can’t bat well it is a dusty deck suitable for spinners, if the same team can’t get wickets then it becomes a flat track all of a sudden, hypocrisy at its peak…..

Jack’s reply: I knew I’d get someone sucked in and son, you’re the first. I wrote that the track was a paradise for India to bat on twice and a minefield for Australia to bat on twice. How can this be over five days? It has little to do with the track. India batted better and bowled better. Simple as that.

That is the one instance where Jack intervened and explained. It was pointless doing anything after that; he must have been enjoying himself. It was causing a bit of embarrassment to gifted Indian fans and some of them did come out to defend their brothers, but they too joined in the fun as the idiots were incorrigible.

Rahul: While the Indians played some great cricket over the last 5 days, from looking at this blog, I can see that some of us are not great at getting a joke:-) I loved the write up Jack.

This is the 312th comment near the end of the discussion and there is one who has fallen even after this.
Shanmugam Mudaliar: Cribbing as usual. The Aussies think they are invincible. If an upstart like India beats them they start bleating like dumb sheep. The umpires, the pitch, the bowling action of Mishra all are being questioned as suspect. Why can’t they admit that the Aussies are just not up to it at this point of time and place?

A good joke sometimes is such a waste.

Written by Deepan Joshi

August 20, 2009 at 10:28 pm

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